CNES projects library

February 28, 2018


CNES’s Myriade-Evolutions programme is developing a modular bus for satellites in the 350-400-kg class, to be launched between 2015 and 2025. Its key advantages are low cost, fast-track scheduling and the ability to accommodate a range of different missions.

Myriade Evolutions spacecraft buses will be compatible with Soyuz, Vega, Dnepr, Rockot and PSLV launch vehicles. Designed to operate in orbits of 500 to 800 km for satellites observing Earth, the Sun and space, as well as for defence missions, their nominal orbital lifetime is 7 years.

Besides designing and building the bus, the Myriade Evolutions programme is also developing associated simulators and databases. The bus will be ISIS1-compliant (Initiative for Space Innovative Standards) to assure satellite interoperability with ISIS ground control centres.

Initiated by CNES and executed in partnership with Thales Alenia Space and Airbus Defence & Space, the programme is being funded through the Space budget line of the PIA future investment plan. The first Myriade Evolutions equipment flew from 2016 (X-band, Propulsion, Structure). Other equipment has been or will be delivered between 2017 and 2019.